Dear customer, in order to make booking an apartment as easy, reliable and safe as possible, we are making use of the well established interface – Lodgit Desk. Clicking the button below will redirect you to said interface.

For your safety, we will shortly provide you with our terms of service as well as the general cancellation terms. We are looking forward to greeting you as a guest! – The Otto family

Terms of cancelation

5 Withdrawal by the guest

  1. In the event of withdrawal of the residential contract (cancelation or other kind of refusal of the claim) the Otto family remains entitled to payment of the agreed accommodation price. However, the Otto family has to allow saved expenses to be credited against the claim for performance.
  1. After arrival of the resignation, the guest must pay the Otto family a certain percentage of the  accommodation price. The excact percentages read as follows :
  • Until the 45th day after arrival: 20 % of the accommodation price
  • Until the 31st day after arrival: 50 % of the accommodation price
  • Until the 21st day after arrival: 80 % of the accommodation price
  • After that: 90 % of the accommodation price
  1. The guest is allowed to prove that the Otto family has not suffered any damage or that the damage is considerably less than stated. The Otto Family reserves the right to demand and prove a concretely calculated higher compensation in deviation from the above lump sums.
  1. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended. We will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Stand: 28. Mai 2013

General terms of service

Dear guest,

we are happy that you chose us to be your host for your stay at the Schlei.

The following terms and conditions include rules for the contractual relationship between you and the Otto family. You are – if effectively included – a direct contractual component of the accommodation contract concluded between you and the Otto family. This applies regardless of whether you have concluded the contract with the Otto family directly or through the mediation of an agency.

  • 1 Conclusion of the accommodation contract
  1. With the booking, the guest offers the Otto family or the intermediary agency as an intermediary the conclusion of an accommodation contract. Preferably, The booking should preferably be made in writing (by email, via the booking function of an agency on the internet, fax) but can also be made orally (by telephone).
  1. The accommodation contract comes into effect with the booking confirmation, which is made by the Otto family or by the agency. A specific format is not required.
  • 2 Reservations
  1. A non-binding reservation, which establishes a free right of withdrawal for the guest, only exists if this has been expressly agreed between the guest and the Otto family or the agency. If such an agreement has not been made, a reservation is considered a booking and leads to the conclusion of the contract upon confirmation by the Otto family or the agency.
  1. If a non-binding reservation has been expressly agreed, the guest is obliged to inform the Otto family or the agency by the agreed date that the reservation is to be considered a binding booking. The contract is then concluded with the booking confirmation. If no notification is received, the reservation expires. There is no obligation to notify.
  • 3 Services and prices
  1. The scope of the contractually owed services is determined by the information provided in the advertisement (website, catalogue, host directory) and in the booking/booking confirmation.
  1. The prices quoted are final prices including VAT and include additional costs for consumables (water, electricity) as well as for household waste up to 120 litres.
  • 4 Terms of payment
  1. Upon conclusion of the contract (receipt of the booking confirmation) a deposit of 10% of the total price is due.
  2. The total balance is to be paid to the Otto family 4 weeks before the day of arrival. Payment can be made by bank transfer or, in the case of short-term bookings (< 7 days), by EC card, credit card or in cash, but must be secured in advance by depositing the credit card details.
  3. If the deposit and / or the final payment are not made on time, the Otto family is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The right to claim damages remains unaffected.
  • 5 Withdrawal by the guest
  1. In the event of withdrawal from the accommodation contract (cancellation or other non-utilisation), the Otto Family’s entitlement to payment of the agreed accommodation price remains unaffected. However, the Otto family must allow any expenses saved to be offset against the claim for performance.
  1. Depending on the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, the guest must pay the Otto Family the following pro rata costs in relation to the total price of the accommodation service:
  • Up to the 45th day before departure: 20 % of the accommodation price
  • Up to the 31st day before departure: 50 % of the accommodation price
  • Up to the 21st day before departure: 80 % of the accommodation price
  • Thereafter: 90 % of the accommodation price
  1. The guest is entitled to prove that the Otto family has suffered no loss or considerably less loss. The Otto family reserves the right to demand and prove a higher compensation to be calculated specifically, in deviation from the above lump sums.
  1. We expressly recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. We will be happy to advise you on taking out this insurance.
  • 6 Obligations, liability of the guest
  1. The accommodation may only be occupied by the number of persons agreed with the Otto family. Overcrowding entitles the Otto family to terminate the contract immediately. An appropriate additional charge may be demanded as a substitute.
  1. The guest is liable for all damage to the property and its inventory caused by him/herself, his/her relatives or persons staying with him/her during the period of accommodation. Costs incurred for the repair of damage shall be charged to the guest.
  1. In the event of defects in the accommodation service (accommodation), the guest is obliged to report these immediately and to do everything reasonable to help rectify the fault and keep any damage to a minimum. The Otto family will endeavour to remedy the situation immediately.
  1. Termination of the accommodation contract by the guest is only permissible if the fault is significant and no reasonable remedy has been provided after the expiry of a reasonable deadline set by the guest.
  1. Booked and available services which the guest does not use (e.g. due to an earlier departure) must be paid for as agreed.
  • 7 Limitation of Liability of the Otto Family

The Otto family’s contractual liability for damages that are not bodily injuries is limited to three times the accommodation price. This limitation only applies insofar as damage to the guest was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the Otto family or their vicarious agents, or if the damage was caused solely through the fault of (another) service provider.

  • 8 Arrival and departure
  1.  Unless otherwise agreed, the accommodation is available from 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
  1. On the day of departure, the following work is to be done by the guest:
  • Clean the kitchenette of coarse dirt,
  • strip the beds and put them in the bathroom,
  • sweep out the flat,
  • Dispose of rubbish, paper and glass separately.
  1. A date for handing over the accommodation shall be agreed on the day of arrival and on the day of departure.
  • 9 Choice of law and place of jurisdiction
  1. German law applies to the entire legal relationship between the guest and the Otto family.
  2. If the guest is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Schleswig. The same applies if the guest has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany.

Zusätzlich, bei Nutzung unseres Online-Buchungssystems, gelten vorrangig:

General terms and conditions of the Lodgit online system

The present conditions of contract are composed of fourteen articles. By clicking on the following links, you can directly jump to any of these articles. Underlined words and expressions in the present agreement and on our website link to further information on the respective topic.

1. Scope
2. Subject-matter of the contract
3. Contractual partner
4. Offer by the customer and acceptance by the provider (formation of contract)
5. Prices, Value-added tax
6. Offsetting, Retention
7. Terms of payment
8. Fourteen-day right of withdrawal for private customers
9. Copyright and rights of use
10. Provisioning and delivery time
11. Warranty and liability
12. Data protection
13. Special provision for entrepreneurs
14. Closing provisions

1. Scope
These general terms of contract are in effect for all business relations originating between the provider Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH, proprietor Dr. Dirk Bockelmann (hereinafter the Provider) and his customers by means of the online sales procedure of the website www.lodgit.com. Without written express approval by the provider, the general terms and conditions of business do not come into effect.

2. Subject-matter of the contract
The Provider enables a limited-time software licensing contract with the customer, the details of which are specified in Annex 1, the licensing agreement, in which the customer is allowed for a definite period of time to download the Lodgit Desk application with the goal of managing accommodations and guests and for which a user fee is paid. Should the customer require any additional online services (e.g. internet access, website hosting, email services, domain registration), further service contracts can be negotiated.
For the time period of the license agreement, the Provider supplies the customer with a copy of the selected application software (incl. documentation), which is to be installed on one of the customers computer systems, along with the license key necessary for the use of the software. If the customers wishes to take advantage of the opportunity of receiving online bookings via the internet, the Provider then supplies the customer with a booking system on the Provider’s host computer along with the application software (online booking system), which in turn can be linked to from the customer’s website or even integrated in a separate frame or iframe. In case of use of the online booking system, the Provider concludes an additional agreement of use with the licensee.

3. Contractual partner
The customer’s contractual partner is the company Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH, proprietor Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, Industriestr. 95(H), 04229 Leipzig, Germany.
Further Provider information: sales tax ID number DE180664615, telephone +49 341 420 6944, fax +49 341 4783 9020, email , managing director Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, German Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Leipzig HRB 30141. There are no agencies in other member countries of the EU or elsewhere in the world.

4. Offer by the customer and acceptance by the Provider (formation of contract)
The customer’s submission of an order represents a binding offer to the Provider and with a specific period of validity. The reception and content of the order are notified to the Provider’s customer by email.
The acceptance of the customer’s offer takes place after the Provider has received the user fee (to be paid in advance) at which point the Provider makes the services and/or license key for the use of the application software available to the customer. The customer is bound by her/his offer for a period of five business days.
The Provider can rescind the contract if the services or the application software ordered by the customer are unavailable. In such a case, the customer is informed forthwith and fees that have already been paid are reimbursed.

5. Prices, Value-added tax
For the use of the application software or, as the case may be, of the online services as made available by the Provider, a time-dependant usage charge is to be paid in advance. Other charges, such as one-time handling charges, charges depending on the actual use of the software or commissions may be applicable for the use of the online interface on the Provider’s host computer together with the application software. Commission charges depend on the actual use and are agreed upon by the Provider and the customer in a separate commission agreement.
All prices are initially displayed without any tax added. For customers in Germany, the statutory German value-added tax is added during the order process. For customers in the European Union, the statutory value-added tax of the customer’s residing country is added during the order process. If the customer possesses a European VAT ID number and provides it to the Provider during the online sale process, no VAT will be added. For customers outside the European Union, the prices not VAT will be added.

6. Offsetting, Retention
The customer may only offset with legally valid and proven or undisputed counter-claims. The customer may only invoke the right to retention to the measure in which her/his counter-claim reposes on the same contractual relationship.

7. Terms of payment
Lodgit provides the international customer with the choice of paying by PayPal (credit card, e-cheque, among others) and Moneybookers (credit card, instant transfer, Giropay, among others). Customers from Germany and countries from the European Union may additionally pay by bank transfer or European bank transfer. Within Germany, the possibility of using a crossed cheque is also given, as well as payment per direct debit. For orders with advance payment (bank transfer, direct debit, PayPal, Moneybookers and crossed cheque) for which no payment has been received after 14 days of effectuating the order, Lodgit reserves the right to cancel the order. The same conditions are in effect for back-posted debits (lack of funds, unsubstantiated objection), whereby Lodgit will charge an additional administration fee of €7.00 along with the bank fees incurred by Lodgit.
For the amount of a bank transfer to be received by Lodgit, one to three business days are normally required within Germany, whereas a maximum of seven days are to be counted for European transfers. As per the information supplied by Paypal, payment using a PayPal e-cheque will be registered as payment upon factually receiving the e-cheque payment by PayPal and will subsequently credit the amount to Lodgit’s PayPal account.

8. Fourteen-day right of withdrawal for private customers
The conditions of the entire article 8 (as such including paragraphs 8.1 and 8.2) are to be used exclusively for contractual relationships in which the customer is recognized as a consumer as per Article 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB), hence a natural person, who concludes the legal transaction with a goal that can neither be ascribed to her/his commercial or freelance vocational activity.

—- Withdrawal instruction —-

8.1 Right of withdrawal
The customer may withdraw from her/his contractual agreement in written form (e.g. mail, e-mail, fax) or by returning the object. The term begins with the receipt of the present information at the earliest. For the observance of the withdrawal deadline, the timely transmission of the notification of withdrawal or of the object suffice. The withdrawal is to be directed at: Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH, prop. Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, Industriestr. 95(H), 04229 Leipzig, Germany, e-mail:  fax.: +49 341 4783 9020.

8.2 Important remarks
The customer’s right of withdrawal can be prematurely declared void, if her/his contractual partner has already begun providing the service with the customer’s explicit consent before the withdrawal deadline or if the customer has initiated the service herself/himself (e.g. by downloading the software).

— End of withdrawal instruction —

9. Copyright and rights of use
For the ceded software and the appendant user documentation, the user is granted a simple, non-exclusive and non-transferrable right of use for the duration of the contractual agreement (duration of use).
The software and user documentation are protected by copyright laws.
Further information relevant to the scope of the rights of use are contained within the licensing agreement.

10. Provisioning and delivery time
Access to downloadable versions and the use of server services are usually granted within a few minutes of receipt of the entire due payment of the corresponding order. In exceptional cases, such as customer data refused by the system, the access can be delayed by up to forty-eight hours.

11. Warranty and liability
The licensor vouches for general fulfillment of the licensed product’s main functions as well as for its corresponding with the accepted rules of technology and furthermore, that isn’t compromised by errors which could nullify or lessen its value or suitability for ordinary use.
The guarantee of condition is only valid if supplied in written form. In the case of minimal discrepancy from the condition agreed upon or in the case of minimal limitation of usability, there can be no grounds for a claim for defects.
Faults notified to the Provider are to be rectified by him. In the absence of a divergent agreement, the rectification of the notified faults is carried out by means of an update, after which the former version is to be destroyed by the customer.
Should the Provider be unable to rectify the faults notified by the customer, the customer is entitled to reduce the remuneration of the services within reasonable limits or to rescind the contract. The value of uses carried out in the meantime is to be deduced from the amount of the refund in case of withdrawal from the contract.
Further information concerning the guarantee and liability in case of material defect or defect of title is contained within the licensing agreement.

12. Data protection
The Provider processes the customer’s data within the framework provided by the legal regulations. No data is forwarded to third parties unless dictated by legal duty or otherwise required for the fulfillment of an explicit agreement with the customer. The customer’s e-mail address will only be used within the framework of order processing, important notifications regarding previous orders, responding to inquiries as well as services explicitly ordered and desired by the customer (e.g. support forum, license key emails, password emails, customer area, etc.). The Provider stores the customer’s data relevant to orders, makes it available to the customer in her/his personal account and sends it back by email upon processing orders. Data pertaining directly to the customer’s credit card may be stored by the payment processor (such as PayPal) selected by the customer, but not by the Provider’s computer systems. For the use of many services from the website, the placement of cookies or the use of a session ID as part of the URL is required. Cookies and session IDs are used strictly for the Provider’s website’s services and not in order to analyze or observe user behavior. The customer may prevent the placement of cookies from within her/his browser and remove existing cookies at any time. For questions pertaining to the collection, processing or usage of data specific to the individual, for information, revision, blocking or deleting of data as well as the cancellation of the assent given for data use, the customer should address the Provider at the following coordinates: Lodgit Hotelsoftware GmbH, prop. Dr. Dirk Bockelmann, Industriestr. 95(H), 04229 Leipzig, Germany, e-mail .

13. Special provision for entrepreneurs
For contracts with entrepreneurs, fully-qualified traders, customers without general domestic legal domicile as well as juristic person in public law and fund assets regulated by public law, the legal domicile for all litigations arising from the present contract, including action on a bill or cheque, is Leipzig (Germany) the sole stipulated legal domicile. The Provider may however also choose the customer’s general legal domicile.

14. Closing provisions
The nullity of one or more provisions contained within the present contract does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The pertinent legal prescriptions then take the place of the inoperative conditions.
German Law has exclusive validity with exception of the regulation stipulated by UN purchase law (United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, “CISG”).

Effective as of 07/12/2018