Unsure where to spend your vacation? Why not visit the baltic sea in germany!Apartments in Kappeln nearby the Schlei

It is hard to miss that this is where the vikings used to residate before our time. Back in the medieval ages, they moved to Karschau. Using their imposing viking ships, they traveled the baltic see, crossed important trading hotspot at the Schlei continuing towards Haithabu and the north sea.

Imagine spending your time directly at the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes, north germany has to offer – the Schlei – Located between the north and the baltic sea – in the middle of the hilly landscape that Schleswig-Holstein is known for. Nowhere else can you witness the beauty of both land and see to such an extent.

Discover our rich nature and watch watersports right from your terrace. The Apartment house Schleiblick is the perfect starting point for trips and fun activities at and near the Schlei.
For a vacation at one of the most glorious landscapes visit us at our Schleiblick-apartment. We are looking forward to your arrival.

Vacation near the Schlei regionNature lovers & sport enthusiasts:

The Schlei is Germanys only fjord adjacent to the north sea and it is universially loved by people of all origins. The inlet starts at Schleimünde and cuts through the land until it reaches Schleswig. It is aprox. 42km (26 miles) long and measures an average width of 1,3 km (0.8 miles).

The Schlei’s widest point is located between Missunde and Schleswig at the so called “Große Breite” (Big width). Here you will find that there are always people sailing, surfing swimming, fishing and paddeling. This holds especially true during midsummer. Everyone is friendly and we Germans appreciate visitors.

Discover the true northVacation at the Schlei